Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Anyone following our blog is certainly getting 2 completely different running experiences! I'm so proud of Bethany and the progress she is making. She told me that she will keep my pace at the Disney Marathon...I'm starting to wonder if she will be pushing me in a wheelchair!!! ;-) I will be very surprised if I'm able to do much more than a stroll at this point. I seem to be "running" into on roadblock after another.

So, on Bethany's advice I repeated week 8 last week and it went quite well. I felt like I was starting to get my groove back a little bit. I went out yesterday and did my run. It was the same as Saturday, 2 minutes run/2 minutes walk. It was about 54 degrees outside, so quite a bit cooler than I'm used to. My first run I felt like an elephant! Everything was stiff and heavy. As the run continued, I noticed that my shins were starting to hurt. Not good. By the time I was finished, they were so sore it was kind of hard to walk! I went to the chiropractor yesterday and they have this wonderful chair that has a calf massager...oh man that felt good. But, within an hour of leaving there, my shins were hurting again. (sigh) Fast forward to this morning...they were sore, but manageable. I went and did my crosstraining at 9 Round. They are hurting again. (big sigh) :-(

I was told at the gym I need to rest, but that once shin problems start, you can't really get rid of it. Seriously?!?

I'm wondering how much the hills I run up and down are affecting my shins. I think I might need to find a more level surface to run on. I have sent a message to Jenny for advice. I'm hoping that she will have some helpful words of wisdom for me. If she has some helpful hints for combating shin problems, I will post them.

When is this going to be a little easier???

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  1. sorry, not sure how i missed this the first time around (maybe i wasn't a follower yet). i've noticed you haven't posted recently - i truly hope the running has gotten easier for you.