Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Three sports bras and one uni-boob later...

Yep, three sports bras and a uni-boob later, I've discovered that I can, in fact, run in the mornings before feeding my son. I'd been holding back on the early AM runs and other higher intensity workouts due to breastfeeding and having that fullness in the mornings before Ryder's first meal of the day. But, since my nice Under Armour sports bras have now become too big now that Ryder isn't eating as frequently, I resorted back to my Champion brand bras from Target and just tripled it up. I kept adding layers until I bounced and my boobs didn't. Except, as the title of this post implies, I now have a uni-boob hiding under these 3 bras. Oh well. Its all about give and take, I suppose.

So, since this discovery, I'm now able to get up early and get my runs done early. I was so happy about this revelation that I ended up running 4 mornings last week. On my XT days of Tuesday and Friday, I did my JM 30-Day Shred (Level 3) dvd, and followed it up with a 2-mile quicker-paced run. I even did this same two-phase workout on Wednesday, which was supposed to be a rest day. Then, Thursday, I did a 4.5 mile run in the morning. Granted, these morning workouts and runs require me getting up at 4:30-4:40am. BUT, its such a nice feeling to come home from work and know that I'm DONE with my workout for the day.

Something else happened last week too. That dvd workout that I did, Level 3 contains some plyometrics. So, I don't know if it was this small amount of plyo training, the extra 2-mile quick runs, or purely a fluke (or the quick pit stop back at my house to use the bathroom about 4.3 miles into the run.. yes, I paused my timer/GPS during this stop) that caused the following to happen.. My long run 2 Saturdays ago was 11.25 miles at an average 11:38 pace, but then THIS Saturday, my 11.19-mile long run was at a 10:38 average pace. How in THE WORLD did I manage to knock an entire minute off of my long-run pace?!?! Does anyone have ANY insight to this? I would like to think that I'll perform similarly during my long run on Sunday, but I'm not getting my hopes up. But, if this isn't just a fluke, that means that I could reasonably set a goal for myself of under 2:30 for the half marathon on October 16th, which would be AWESOME.

So, all that being said, I've officially entered into taper-mode for the next 3 weeks. We'll see how that works out, especially given my new-found freedom to run in the early morning. A co-worker of mine had her baby yesterday, and she works nights on the weekends, so I'm picking up a shift this Friday night. This means that I'll most likely rest (or do a quick JM workout) on Saturday and then do my long run of "just" 8 miles on Sunday.

Have a happy Tuesday!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Let's Get Real for a Moment

Would someone please explain to me why I'm doing this to myself? This running thing is what I'm referring to. I'm sorry that I haven't posted in awhile, but I didn't have much encouragement or anything positive to offer. I still don't. The last 2 weeks of training have been challenging to say the least. Today was the last day of week 8 of my program. It sucked. Things seem to be getting harder everytime I go out and I'm not sure why. I thought by now things would be getting easier. I had a small taste of "easy" and it was fleeting. Is this normal? Is this kind of struggle typical? I don't know, but it's getting old. It seems that every run has started out a bit stressful too. Most recently, before 2 of my last 3 runs I couldn't get my GPS program to find a satellite! Are you kidding me?!? There hasn't been a cloud in the sky and the flippin' thing can't find a satellite...it must be floating over Australia or something. Good grief.

The one word that keeps floating through my mind is "perseverance". I just looked it up the definition on dictionary.com and this what it says:

1. Steady persistance in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., esp. in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.

Wow, that describes a lot of my life right now, not just running. So, I guess the answer for the running is to take each one, difficulties and all, one day at a time and to keep going.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Not-So-Fitness Friday

Ughhhhhh. That's all I have to say about this morning. My training plan called for 30 minutes of cross training. I figured I'd get up early and do a pilates/yoga dvd that I have. I did manage to get up early. 4:30am to be exact. Got the dvd started. Well, I must have just woken up on the wrong side of the bed because the warm-up was irritating the crap out of me. I thought I remembered this dvd being a bit faster of a flow. The flow of it was just so stinking slow. I tried fast forwarding through some of the warm-up, thinking it would get faster. Then I skipped over to the main workout. It was all so slow that I just got mad and turned it off. CARDIO. I thought, I need cardio. If the slow workout was too slow, then maybe I need something faster. So, I'll do cardio!

Now, I know my workout dvd collection and so I have a good idea of which dvd's are good for what type of workout I'm needing that day. So, I decided to bust out my... wait for it... TAEBO dvd. You remember, taebo... from the 90's, led by Billy Blanks, who might as well be wearing MC Hammer pants, leading you through all these intense I-thought-these-were-more-intense kickboxing moves. So, yeah. Once again, I found myself highly irritated and shut it off.

What I really wanted to do was go for a run. But, alas, it was 5:15am. Steve had left early for work, and Ryder was still asleep. Theoretically, I could have woken Ryder up early to feed him, loaded him up into the jogging stroller, and headed out for a quick 20-minute run. I could have. But honestly, I didn't feel all that comfortable running outside with my baby in a stroller before the sun was even thinking about rising. Nor was I comfortable leaving Ryder asleep in the house by himself. Had Steve been home, I would have headed out before the sun by now. I thought I could always just go for a run after work tonight, but tomorrow is my long run in the morning, and I don't really like doing back-to-back runs, especially when that 2nd run is my long run.

Normally I wouldn't be so concerned about getting my workout in, especially on a cross-training day, the day before my long run, and considering the plan only calls for 30 minutes. BUT, I made some cookies last night for a friend/co-worker who just had her 2nd baby. I volunteered to provide her family's dinner for tonight, so I made the dessert last night. My wonderful hubby is coming home early from work (which is why he went in early today) to make the main dish. Well, instead of me conquering the cookies without cheating on my diet, it conquered me. After filling all the cookie sheets, I had some left over dough that would have made probably 2 cookies. I wasn't going to put just 2 cookies on a sheet by themselves. So, I did what any rational person seriously burnt-out dieter would do - I ate the leftover dough. This means that today is damage control. More exercise, fewer carbs, lower fat. What does this mean? This means protein shakes for 3 of my 4 meals at work today. And my 5th meal (last meal) may end up being a protein shake as well. And as for my exercise? I'll definitely be walking over my 30-minute lunch period today, which is usually around 2ish miles, more if I'm really bookin' it. And, depending on what I do tonight (hubs is gone for the evening), after I drop off the dinner, I may just load the babe up into the stroller and head out for another speedy walk.

Happy Friday everyone. Happy Friday.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Three Things Thursday

I'm really kind of irritated that today is Thursday. Only for the fact that Thursday is that little "teaser" to Friday. You wake up, knowing you're approaching the end of the week, but you're not quite there. I guess there's always these Three Things Thursdays to look forward to.

1. Where, oh where is my dear sissy-poo? She needs to get us all updated on how she's doing! I'm pretty sure she's got her first 5K coming up in a few weeks.

2. I ran my furthest distance last Saturday, 10.25 miles! And I managed to keep a pace of around 11:37 min/mile. The run felt pretty good and I had GU for the first time too. I had a good pre-run meal and felt like I kept myself properly fueled throughout the run. A yummy chocolate chip bagel (well, half of one, anyways) with some crunchy peanut butter and some scrambled egg whites. I ordered one of those sampler boxes of GU products awhile back, so I had a Jet Blackberry GU during my run, and then had a package of Strawberry Chomps with me as well. Both were really good! I really really liked the Jet Blackberry GU. I highly recommend it. I plan on ordering more of that flavor, along with the Strawberry Chomps too. They were like extra large strawberry gummy bears. I was also pleasantly surprised with the immediate change I noticed in how my legs felt as I ran, after consuming the GU. The stuff works great!

3. And, finally, a bigger deal... I have, against my better judgement, decided to run two half-marathons that are three weeks apart. I really think I can do it. October 16th and November 6th (2 days after my 4th wedding anniversary). In my training plan, my long run is 10 miles and its 3 weeks before the race. Soooo, it just so happens to work out that I can make my "long run" happen on the first half marathon, repeat the two cutback weeks in between the two HM's, and then run the 2nd race. Doable, right? I think I may shoot for 11 miles this Saturday... Partially because I want to, but also because I want to justify using up more GU's to try the different flavors.

That's it for today... I'm doing a 50 minute training run along with some stride drills tonight. We'll see how it goes... My Thursday evening training runs have seemed slower/harder here the last few weeks. Not gonna complain if it helps my Saturday run.

Have a great Thursday!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11 ... Never forget.

I'd like to start this post just by honoring 9/11 and those who were lost in this tragedy. It happened 9 years ago today, but I will NEVER forget sitting there before class at school, my senior year, turning on the tv just before the 2nd plane flew into the tower. I remember sitting there, thinking, "this can't possibly be happening. this can't be nearly as serious as it seems." But it was happening. And it was as serious as it seemed. Little did I know, that day would become a memory that seared itself into my brain for the rest of my life. And I wasn't even one who was directly affected. I was fortunate enough to not be in NY. I was fortunate enough to not have any friends or family in NY. I can't imagine the feelings that went through the minds of the people who had loved ones working in the twin towers and in the Pentagon building. I can't imagine the feelings that they experience every year on this anniversary.

I believe in God. I don't just believe in Him, I KNOW He's there. I know that He is there, next to those family members who lost someone on that day, and He is there comforting them every second. Throughout every day, I like to constantly be in conversation with God. I try to speak with Him all day long, letting Him walk me through the day. Today, every chance I get, I'm going to be praying for those families affected by 9/11. I ask you to do the same. Every time you are reminded of what today stands for, I ask that you just say a prayer, asking God to comfort those families today. How can we not? As believers, we have the option to pray anywhere and everywhere we want. We can pray out loud, or silently in our hearts. God hears our prayers no matter what. Its literally the simplest thing we can do for those who are feeling overcome by grief today. I take comfort in knowing that when I pray for those families, God WILL be there with them. I love my God and I love that He is a LOVING and MERCIFUL God. He loves each and every one of us, believers or not, and wants a relationship with all of us. I love knowing that, while I may not be able to send money or give a victim's family member an actual hug, I know that God is there with them, and that's the most important thing.

I was going to make this post partially about running, but I'll leave it at this. I hope today's post speaks to and opens hearts. Feel free to check out my other blog too, HERE. Its my somewhat-daily blog about finding God every day in my life.

Have a great day today... Good luck with any of you going out on their long runs today. I'll be dedicating my 9-11 mile run today to those affected by 9/11. God Bless...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bethany's Three Things Thursday

1. Excuse me while I get some cheese to go with my whine. Ever since having Ryder, almost 6 1/2 months ago, the thought of being a SAHM (stay-at-home mom) has been in the back of my mind. I'd love to do it, but the hubs says it just isn't possible right now. Even if I just worked a couple days a week and was home the rest of the week, I'd be happy. I have my days every once in awhile a lot where I wish I were at home with him. Today is one of those days. Its one of those days where I feel out of place at work and feel like I need to be home taking care of my baby. I mean, he's only a baby once. I wish I could find a good, legitimate work-from-home job that I could do, so that I could justify not working outside of the home.

2. Mark this one down for the books. Two "firsts" for him... 1. Ryder got stung by a been last night. Twice. On his fingers. Poor little baby... I felt so bad for him. The look he had on his face right after it happened was almost as bad as the look he gets when he gets his shots. His little thumb and middle finger swelled right up in no time. We ended up calling the doctor (yes, we called the on-call doctor for a bee sting), and she said we could give him some benadryl and ibuprofen to help with the swelling. He's doing much better today though, thankfully. 2. We went to get Ryder up this morning and found him in his crib lying on his tummy. This was the first time we've ever found him on his tummy in the mornings. He's usually on his side. This is especially significant considering that until this point, he's never rolled from his back to his tummy. He gets up to his side and he's perfectly content right there.

3. I've got a 50-minute training run today along with some stride drills, that I'm pretty excited about doing tonight. The weather is only getting up to the mid-70's, which will make a 6:15pm run PERFECT. Saturday is my long run day... I'm dealing with somewhat of a dilemma though. Last weekend was supposed to be a cutback week of 4 miles. I did 9.25. So, I'm wondering if I should do my cutback week this week, or just go for the full 10? If I go 10, it'll be a couple weeks ahead of schedule... but I figure I could run 10-12 miles over my last long runs of the training plan before the half marathon in October. What to do, what to do?

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The power within you is greater than the challenge before you.

While I don't live in South Carolina, like Ann does, and don't deal with hills as much during my runs, there are a couple killer hills that I deal with. One in particular being behind our local park. This hill is of a pretty decent grade, and is one of those hills that seems to go on forever. The grade even changes within the hill, sometimes going steeper and sometimes not as steep. I'm sure if Ann were to run this hill, it'd probably be a cake walk for her. But, I digress. My routes lately have taken me down this hill, through the park, and then back up the hill. I know its good training, but this hill just sucks.

Recently, a friend on facebook had her little "status shuffle" app thing going, and her status was something similar to the title of this post. I just adapted it to fit my needs. So, it has become my running mantra. When I'm about to tackle the aforementioned hill, I repeat it several times, even outloud. The power within you is greater than the challenge before you. The power within you is greater than the challenge before you... I just repeat it to my winded self several times as I get over this hill.

Not only does this phrase get me through said hill, its gotten me through my runs. Especially my long runs. Sometime during the first 25-50% of my long runs, I'm usually questioning myself, if I can even complete this run. Once I start repeating my mantra, I start forgetting about my self-doubting and focusing on the task in front of me. I remind myself that my legs feel good, my lungs feel good, and so I should just keep going.

What phrases do you use to get you through a run?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Just another Manic Monday

Its the end of another 3-day weekend. Back to work tomorrow. Lots has happened this weekend...

First off, I did my long run on Saturday, and even though it was supposed to be a cutback week, it ended up being the complete opposite of that. I ended up going 9.25 miles! My legs felt great throughout the run. Its amazing how differently your body can react to a run on different days. My last run prior to Saturday was Thursday evening, and it was all I could do to get through that blasted 50 minute run + stride drills. But then Saturday rolled around, and halfway through my run, I felt like I could have gone on forever.

I've only had my heart rate monitor for a couple weeks now, but we're currently taking a break from each other. Yesterday, my rest day, I noticed some chaffing wounds from what I'm thinking is my monitor. I don't know if I'm wearing it wrong, but I don't think so. The way it sits, it sits right below the chest, so with our, ahem, anatomy, it seems like it ends up sitting underneath the sports bra. So, my theory is that the sensor that snaps on to the front of the strap rubbed me raw. I've got a couple wounds, and they're such that I feel like they should heal completely before I start slathering that area in Body Glide (which, by the way, I did buy today). Its frustrating, but oh well.

Even though it was supposed to be a cutback week, I'm glad I ended up going 9+ miles. It helped offset the cheat meal I had that evening. You remember that comment I made about rapidly approaching diet burn-out? Well, we ended up going out to Mellow Mushroom for pizza Saturday evening with our good friends. If you haven't tried Mellow Mushroom, I highly suggest you go there NOW. I personally recommend their pretzels (think big doughy, carbolicious breadsticks in the shape of a pretzel) and the Mighty Meaty pizza. Oh, and their spinach & artichoke dip was delicious too! So, I binged. I ate a ton of food. And I don't regret it either. It was the most delicious cheat meal I've ever had. My diet is paying for it now, but that's alright with me! In fact, I keep wondering when we'll get to go back.

I hope you all had a fabulous Labor Day weekend! Keep telling your friends/fellow bloggers about our blog... we want followers!

Oh, and lastly, I want to take this opportunity to just let my sister know how proud I am of her! As you read in her post from Saturday, she had a rough go of it, BUT she was able to point out exactly what was working against her during her run. I love that she didn't let one crappy run discourage her... She is one strong woman, and I know that she is capable of anything!! Love you, sis!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Why does running make me want to swear like a sailor?

Today's run was one of the most frustrating yet! And yes, during and after I wanted to swear like a sailor! I'm following the 5k walk/run training plan from Running for Mortals and darn it all, today they changed things up! Just when I was starting to feel strong and increasing my time and mileage...I feel like a beginner again. I struggled, I huffed, I puffed, I almost swore out loud, and frankly didn't enjoy it at all. As I think back over the run, I realize I made a three significant mistakes:

FIRST MISTAKE: My daughter, Sarah, had a slumber party last night to celebrate her 10th birthday, which is Sunday. Instead of getting up and running early like I usually do, I waited until everyone left and THEN I went! BIG mistake...the temp was cool, about 75 degrees to begin with, but good grief that sun was still HOT. Lesson learned...even when I have company, I need to get my butt out of bed and do my run EARLY, in the coolness of the morning, without the blazing sun beating down on me.

SECOND MISTAKE: My darling, supportive hubby suggested that we do the neighborhood trail. Foolishly I agreed. I've been curious about running on a trail, but today was NOT the day to try it. As I said in my last post, I can twist my ankle over thin air ...and now, I'm running on a dirt and leaf covered trail, with tree roots everywhere! Can you say stupid?!? Oh, and yes, let's not forget that I'm running LONGER now! Again, can you say REALLY STUPID?!? Lesson learned...stick to the streets, ESPECIALLY when your program is changing! Duh!

THIRD MISTAKE: Thursday and Friday's are supposed to be crosstraining days. I have been going to a place called 9 Round since March and it's what I do on those days. 9 Round is a boxing/kickboxing 30 minute high-intensity workout. Thursday, I worked upper body. Friday, I worked on lower body. As a result, my quads and calfs were sore and tight, which of course, made running a little harder at the beginning. Lesson learned...Thursday is lower body, Friday is upper body and make sure I'm stretching after EVERY workout...running or crosstraining.

Needless to say, I felt awful after today's run. Scott told me he was proud of me for sticking it out and finishing. That helped, because there were MANY times I wanted to just quit and didn't. So, not only was today a physical battle, but a mental one and I WAS victorious and didn't quit. While I've been working on this post, I've been texting with Bethany. I have to tell you, that my little sister is one great encourager! Bethany, being an encourager like that is most definitely a gift from God. She told me that I did awesome today and that I gave myself some new challenges and learned some lessons along the way and especially learned how many new things I can throw in on any given run. So, I am feeling better about things thanks to Scott and Bethany. BUT, it's not a run that I want to repeat. This one will go down as a learning experience. I will enjoy my day of rest tomorrow and be back out there Monday morning. This time I will go early and stick to the streets!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Holy Crap! What have I gotten myself into?

Those were the first thoughts I had after Bethany and I officially signed up for the Disney Princess Half Marathon. I'm committed. There is no backing out now! So, this forty-something Mom of 3, wife to an amazingly supportive man, has decided to run 13.1 miles. This from a person who has NEVER been athletic, has always hated running, and can twist her ankle on thin air, is going to now run a half-marathon. I think I've lost it. Maybe I'll attribute it to a mid-life crisis.

When my darling, sweet little sister approached me with the idea, I laughed at the idea. But secretly, I liked it. Maybe this was the push I needed to accomplish something I NEVER thought I could do. Over the last couple of years I have become a Biggest Loser fan. I have been totally amazed by the transformation the contestants make on the show and then to finish up by running a marathon. WOW! Forget Couch to 5k, try couch to marathon! How inspiring it is to see them fight for their health. Now, let me just say to my sweet sister Bethany, I have no desire sign up for a marathon! Anyway, I couldn't help but think that if these people who were over 250 pounds can lose weight and finish a marathon, why can't I do something like that? So, I looked at all the information that Bethany bombarded me with. Let me just say that she can be very persuasive when she wants something and painted a pretty picture of what it would be like. I have to confess, I too am a sap, and got teary eyed thinking of finishing the race with my sister and what a neat memory that would be for us to have. The question then became, can I actually do it? Can I run/walk a mile in under 15 minutes so I can just FINISH the race, because that is my goal at this point, to just finish.

Bethany told me about a great book called Running for Mortals by Jenny Hadfield and John Bingham. I had to start somewhere so I bought the book, friended Jenny on Facebook, and started reading. I love how approachable Jenny has been on Facebook. I have asked for help from her more than once and she is quick and willing to respond. I love that. Anyway, there was a quote from John Bingham on the first page of the first chapter of the book that described how I felt perfectly. He said, "The miracle isn't that I finished, the miracle is that I had the courage to start." Isn't that statement so true? How many times do we give up before we even start? So, I started. I read the book and started training for a 5k. I'm in week 5 of my training and I can feel myself getting stronger and that my friends, is very motivating.

My first goal is to walk/run my neigborhoods 5k on Saturday, October 9th. Finishing that race/event will just be confirmation to me that I can tackle the bigger challenge of the half-marathon. I can be a runner, even in my forties!

Bethany's Three Things Thursday

Its Thursday... that means tomorrow is FRIDAY! I've never been one to say TGIF really, mostly because Fridays are not my favorite day. For me, its more like TGISaturday!! I'm off on Saturdays, rarely have a set schedule for the day, so its my TGI-Day.

So, here goes nothing... my three things! (Plus a random 4th thing that I wanna throw in there.)

1. I love, love, LOVE my sister! I love that she's taking on this journey with me and that she's courageous enough to commit to running a half marathon with me. I'm so excited for February to get here and to do this race with her. She's an awesome mom of 3 kids, an awesome sister, and an awesome friend... and I'm sure her hubs would say she's a pretty awesome wife too. :)

2. This week is a cut-back week in my training for October's half. Last Saturday, I ran 8.5 miles (was supposed to be 7), and this Saturday I'm only supposed to run 4. I may shoot for 6. Its a happy compromise.

3. I've been on this carb-cycling diet for almost 8 weeks now. It doesn't have a name, other than just "carb cycling". This means I've been eating meals that consist of tilapia & rice, lean steak & rice, scrambled egg whites & oatmeal, protein shakes with oats, lean hamburger, lean chicken, turkey breast, with some almonds thrown in there and lots of non-starchy, low-carb veggies (read: broccoli, cauliflower). Its been a great diet and I'm down 17 lbs as of this week (5 lbs below my pre-pregnancy weight!), but I'm rapidly approaching burn-out mode. All I really want right now is a juicy, delicious bacon cheeseburger with grilled onions, mayo and lettuce from Five Guys, followed by a Gotta Have It ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery (Cookie Dough'nt Ya Want Some, made with Cake Batter ice cream, if you must know). I've only got about 4 weeks left on this diet, which is exciting and nerve-wracking for me all at once. I'm really nervous about going into maintenance mode. I'm sure I'll have a few days of indulgence (maybe just one meal each day), but beyond that, I hope to keep myself on track and keep this weight off.

4. I really hope a lot of people follow our blog! I'm so excited about doing this with my sister, and I hope we get a lot of followers. :) And, since we're both fairly new to the blogging world, we're happy to take any suggestions to post ideas (like Three Things Thursday, Wordless Wednesdays, and any other daily themes that bloggers use)...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Disney, Here We Come!

We are officially 5 months and 26 days away from the Disney Princess Half Marathon that we will be running together as the Warrior Princesses! I am Bethany, the little sis, and my big sis, Ann will be running it with me. And I know that she just CANNOT WAIT for the big event. Hahaha...

Anyway, we are, as mentioned, two sisters. She lives in South Carolina, I'm in Indiana, but we're training together for this. We are both also wives and mothers, living our own busy day-to-day lives, striving for balance amongst the chaos. You'll be seeing both of us posting on this blog. I am married to my awesome hubs, Steve, and we have a 6-month old son, Ryder. I couldn't have asked for a better husband, and Ryder, well, he's just flipping awesome.

I guess I'll get down to the nitty gritty of it all. Right now, I'm training for the 15th Annual Indianapolis Half Marathon in October. Why? Honestly, I don't know. I think I was so excited to train for the Disney Princess Half that I decided to jump in and get into a training schedule. I've been a runner for some years now, although I've only done one race, which was the Indy 500 Mini-Marathon, back in 2004. It was not a pleasant experience. Poor training schedule with poor training format made for IT band syndrome in my left knee. I blame it on running the same 1/2 mile loop, in the same direction for the entire duration of my training. And don't ask why I decided to run ultimately 10 miles on the same 1/2 mile loop anyway. But, I digress.

Out of a pure whim, I decided I wanted to train for the Disney Princess Half... I looked up the website and quickly noticed that you can run as part of a team. A TEAM! Immediately, my sister came to mind. Because I'm so cool lame, I almost teared up at the thought of running and finishing this race with my sister, both of us all decked out in our Princess gear. Since we live so far away, its hard for us to get together on a regular basis. At the time, she was a non-runner, so I knew I'd have my work cut out for me if I wanted to convince her. To make a long story short (I'll let her elaborate on that whole story if she wishes), she confessed that she was intrigued. The next thing we knew, thanks to my gift of persuasion, we were signed up! So now, she's working on the Couch to 5K plan, and I'm working on the half marathon in October. I asked her about creating a blog, so we could share our experiences with other runners, and also, so we could keep each other accountable and encouraged.

I know this isn't all that interesting right now (its always awkward for me starting these things out), but keep with us and we're sure to get into the blogging groove! So, keep in touch, and enjoy our sisterly chronicles!