Thursday, February 3, 2011

So much to cover...

Only 3 topics...

1. Today is my first day at work all week. My current/temporary schedule consists of working Tuesday afternoons (I'm always off on Mondays), and I ended up not being needed for two reasons... there was no surgery for me to work that day, and #2, the lab/x-ray offices closed at 1pm due to the weather. Then our offices were closed yesterday. I've managed to workout, but not quite how I'd like. I did my as-planned strength workout on Monday at the gym. Tuesday I was stuck in the house because of the weather (nobody was driving that day), but was able to do another strength workout. That particular workout, shoulders/bi's/tri's, I happen to have the necessary equipment and proper weights. So, it worked out for me. I was hoping for a run yesterday, but it didn't happen. Hubs and I didn't venture out until late afternoon. I intended to get up at 4:20am and head into the gym this morning for a run, but it didn't happen due to waking up many, many times from a stuffy nose. Soooo, to sum it all up, I'm getting into the gym tonight after work for my first real run this week. I'm hoping I can make it in again tomorrow morning before work too. So, I'm just calling this a weather-induced cut-back week.

2. I'm not really getting much of a long-run in this week... I'm heading out of town tomorrow after work for a baby shower in Ohio. The shower is on Saturday and my friend was kind enough to invite me to stay the night at her house the night before. So, I'll be heading out tomorrow night (thus, why I need to get a run in tomorrow morning before work), and coming home Saturday late afternoon/early evening. I'm contemplating hitting the gym Sunday morning before church for a few miles, although I know I'd have to be off the treadmill by 8:45 and heading home shortly after (they open at 8am). Better than nothing... I feel like I'm going to need those extra few miles because...

3. Its Super Bowl Sunday! Baby Shower cake and goodies on Saturday, followed by SBS food and goodies on Sunday. Man, its going to be a great weekend! We're just having our good friends, L & N, over for the festivities. L & I aren't even really interested in the game (Colts aren't in it), so we're just using the event as an excuse to make some yummy food and get together for awhile. And let me tell you, our goodies for SBS are going to be AWESOME. I'll do my best to post about it next week. Just think chocolate & peanut butter (namely, Reese Cups and Reese's Pieces) overload and it'll be a fairly accurate description of our SBS dessert. CANNOT wait!

Have a Happy (and hopefully ice-and-snow-free) Thursday!


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