Thursday, January 13, 2011

Balance - You can have it, the key is finding it.

I don't know how many of you out there listen to K-Love radio, but its pretty much the only station I listen to. In the mornings, the DJ's (Scott and Kelli? I get them all confused) have been talking about New Years Resolutions. Not necessarily making them, but they have been using the concept of picking one word to describe your goals for the year and your life. They have encouraged their listeners to pray about it and even take a test-run of your one word to see how well it can apply to your life. Well, after thinking and praying about it for the last few weeks, I think I've come up with my word:


There are many areas in which I want need to find balance in my life. I need to find BALANCE when it comes to eating, body image, and exercise. Those are the three biggest areas. When it comes to eating, I need to find a healthy balance between eating healthy and clean and indulging once in awhile. This balance will allow me to occasionally splurge while not going overboard and still maintaining a healthy body weight. With that, I need to allow myself those small splurges and joys of eating without, and I repeat, WITHOUT beating myself up and drowning myself in guilt. I need to find a healthy balance when it comes to exercise. I want to fit in the exercise I need to do on a weekly basis, while not taking away from family time and not creating burnout. I tend to try to go days at a time without any rest, and then I feel burnout and exhaustion start to creep in. That's when I drop off the running bandwagon for awhile. But I need to find that healthy balance in my exercise life to where I am satisfied with the workouts I am putting in and still getting proper rest, and especially getting in all the time I can with my husband and no-longer-a-baby boy. Lastly, I need to find and achieve a healthy balance in my body image. I need to be able to look at myself, be happy and content with what I see, without nitpicking at every little area that I hate about myself. On the other hand, (and this is where balance comes into play), I need to not let myself get so comfortable in the whole "I love my body exactly how it is" concept that I start to get lazy. For once in my life, I will strive to accept my body the way it is - surgery scars, tummy fat, and all - and NOT beat myself up over its imperfections.

I have a feeling that achieving this balance will be a lifelong effort. I will constantly have to work at finding healthy balances in those areas of my life.

Now that I've just talked about balance, more specifically, balance in my exercise life, in my next breath, I'm confessing something... I'm actually kind of, sort of, possibly considering running a marathon. Maybe the Indianapolis Marathon this fall, in September. I ran the half, and I loved the race! In all the spirits of Goofy going around this past weekend, I think it would be amazing to do the Goofy Challenge. In order to do that, I think it might be wise for me to complete a marathon before trying a marathon and a half. Know what I mean, Vern?

Anyway, that's my little contemplation floating around in my head. We'll see where that leads us...

Happy Thursday-Almost-Friday!

If you could assign one word to your goals, hopes, aspirations for the New Year and beyond, what word do you think that might be?

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  1. K-Love and Air-One are new to my area, but I prefer the harder sound of Air-One.

    Balance is such a tough one isn't it? i'm not very good at it. all or nothing is my MO.