Thursday, December 2, 2010

Three Things Thursday... IT'S THURSDAY!

All day yesterday, I walked around thinking it was Thursday... Or, forgetting that it was only Wednesday. So, now that Thursday is actually here today, well, I'm here. Its not Friday yet, but I'm slowly but surely plugging along. Oh, and I'm having fun with colors and such today.

1. I got in 83 miles during the month of November in a total time of 13 hrs and 22 min. That averages to a pace of 9:38 min/mile. That's pretty cool for me, considering I was running 12-13 minute miles back in the spring. I also got in a total of 27 workouts, between running, spinning, yoga, etc. Yay for not gaining holiday weight!

2. Tomorrow night is the Christmas Party for Hub's work. Should be fun, although it will be a challenge getting out of work at 5pm, get home, changed and dolled up, and to the party by 6:30, when it starts, all the way on the North side of Indy (we live on the farrrrr West side - about 45 min west of Indy). So, naturally, we'll be late.

3. I think we're getting our Christmas tree this weekend! I'm pretty excited about that... I love the Christmas season, and especially more so this year since its the Babe's first Christmas! I want so badly to just spoil him with gifts, but the Hubs is being more realistic and not wanting to buy as much, since, according to him, "he'd be happy with a box for Christmas".

Happy Thursday all! Its short and sweet, but to the point. Have a great day!


  1. hurrah for a high mileage November! :)

  2. 1. Nice job on those November miles. Nice average pace too.

    2. It's cool to be fashonably late, right?

    3. I am afraid I agree with Hubs on the take it easy for Babe's Christmas. There's plenty of time for toys. Maybe start a Christmas tradition of reading Babe The Christmas story (age appropriate of course). There are a ton a great kids books. I get more excited about the traditions we are creating than all the presents. I also know that years from now my kids will not remember whether we got them everything on their lists but they will remember the great things we did together and the memories we shared.

  3. Great mileage in November. I like how you added it all up for the month. 13 hours of running just sounds like a HUGE accomplishment.