Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Proof that I don't function without a workout... And apparently, I'm a runner.

So, yesterday. It was baaad. My alarm went off at 4:30am and it was 50 degrees outside. A little windy, but 50 degrees. I.SHOULD.HAVE.RUN. But did I? That's a BIG, FAT Negative. I slept instead. I knew getting a workout in in the evening after work would be a challenge, due to the Hubs going to the gym right after work and me needing to pick up the Babe from daycare and feeding him. I knew that if I was going to get a workout in, I wouldn't make it to the gym until 6:30 at best, and probably would not make it home until 8:00. At best. This is normally the time when the Babe is either cranky or we're giving him his bath, so this meant that I would get to spend virtually no time with him in the evening, which I hate. I couldn't run outside, as the temp through the day had gone from 50+ degrees down to the lower 30's with a wicked wind chill in the lower 20's/upper teens. No thanks.

Me being the logical person that I am, I justified my lack of workout, knowing that I had worked out the past 12 consecutive days. I was due for a rest day, in all honesty. Well, something happened (did PMS hit a few days after the fact?) and my eating habits did not stay up to par for a non-workout day. They went right down the crapper. I busted out the bag of Boy Scouts popcorn (triple chocolate something-or-other...), and instead of stopping at just a few bites, I said "screw it" and ate way more than I should have. So, instead of trying to be extra good with my calories since I wasn't running, I was extra bad. And I was extra cranky last night too. The Hubs kept asking what was wrong, and I honestly couldn't tell him. I just felt cranky for no real reason... other than the fact that I didn't get my workout in.

I've read blogs from others who always say that they're better parents when they run. I've never really known how much truth there was to that statement, as I had never really experienced that mood shift that would come from not working out. But yesterday, I did. I am a better wife and a better mother when I get my workout in. That sacrifice of that last hour of sleep is well worth the mood I'm in for the rest of the day when I get up and workout. So, this morning, I was up at 4:30am on the dot. Except, instead of brave the 18 degree wind chill and the snow that was coming down this morning, I headed into the gym for a good run. It felt good. Really good. I even kept a good pace for myself. I managed to knock out 4.5 miles in just over 41 minutes! Pretty quick for me. I'm planning on going back to the gym for a few more miles today after work, since the Hubs is picking up the Babe from daycare.

On a separate, but related note... apparently I'm a runner. For as long as I can remember, I've walked on my toes. Well, not on my toes, but my heels don't hit the ground for very long. You all probably know what I'm talking about. I've always kind of felt self-conscious about it, ever since people started pointing it out to me. Well, today, I came across a patient who asked if I was a runner. Um, yes, why? He said I walked on my toes, and that was indicative of a runner, due to the strong calves. Let me say this: I have no idea how much truth there is to that statement. BUT, it made me feel a little better about my 'toe-walking', so to speak. For once, it was pointed out to me in such a way that didn't make me feel like it was a bad or weird thing. So, whether or not there's truth in that statement, I'll take it.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. i had an attack of the crankies yesterday too. hopefully they are long gone for both of us.