Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Well, dang, its been awhile.

Yup, its been awhile... lots going on, lots of stuff possibly changing.

Since my last post...

I ran the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon this past Saturday... the HALF Marathon. We'll just get that part straight now. Haha. Anyway, this race seemed to kick my butt a little harder than the one I did 3 weeks ago. I definitely felt a presence of THE WALL around mile 7 and pushed really hard to get through it. The course was flatter than my prior race, but still it seemed so much harder. I think the fact that it started out in the 20's that morning may have played into it. It was in the 20's when the race kicked off at 8am, and I'm pretty sure it was only in the mid to lower 30's by the time I finished. I froze my TOOKUS off. I remember looking at my shoulders and noticing frost forming on my top. Yup, it was THAT COLD.

The highlights of the race, besides having my wonderful husband, his parents and heavily bundled-up baby Ryder there with me, were the signs. Here are my faves that I saw...

"Run fast, we're cold!"
"U R A Running Freak!!"
"Chuck Norris never ran a marathon!" (I'd like to think that he never ran a half marathon either.)
"If Palin can run, so can you!"

Evidently there were at least a couple other Bethany's running the race too, because I saw some signs cheering Bethany on, and they weren't being held by people I knew. So, I just pretended they were for me.

Aside from it being FREEZING, the weather wasn't all that bad. No precipitation, and I don't remember the wind being especially tortuous. The post-race goodies were AWESOME... I was going through the line and there were doughnuts, bagels, etc from Panera Bread, cookies from some local cookie company, granola bars, bananas and peanut butter, chocolate Milk Chugs, and there was even a tent with Steak N Shake chili! After stuffing my face of the other yummy goodies, I chose to not have any SNS chili... Instead, we all went to Five Guys for lunch afterwards. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I consumed enough calories to more than compensate for the calories burned during the race (and that includes calories burned from shivering!). But it was all so yummy.

My only complaint about the race was with their timing. They used the IPICO chip timing, which was fine. But it turned out that there was a timing error in one of the mats, causing the time given to us in the results tents to be off by a minute (which was not known at the time). So, instead of my official time being 2:08:21 with a 9:48 pace, as was given to me in the tent, my real time was more like 2:09:19. Only a minute, but I was kind of bummed to see that my pace was 9:53 instead of 9:48. I know, I'm kind of neurotic like that.

Other than that timing snafu, it was an awesome race. I'll most likely do it again next year.

I'll be leaving this post at that, finishing up the race report, albeit brief. Happy Tuesday...

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  1. you are a rock star!!! that's awesome. cold weather running sucks, but i'd take it over hot any day. great job on the pace. :) a turtle like me would love a 953 pace, but take pride in knowing that it was an error that made you seem that "slow"