Thursday, November 11, 2010

Three Things...

1. In case you couldn't tell from my lack of enthusiasm over my awesome time from the half marathon this past weekend, I'm fairly unenthusiastic right now. I am mentally and emotionally drained. To put it in a nutshell, we have things going on here at home that could possibly turn into a HUGE change. Hubs and I have been praying over this non-stop over the past 9 days now, just waiting for God's direction. Because of all of this, I've also spent just about every other waking moment through the day (those moments where I'm not currently praying) mulling over this whole situation. Analyzing it, weighing pros and cons, coming up with solutions to possible ways this could affect those around us, etc. I have seriously become so overwhelmed at times that its made me sick to my stomach. And if this all pans out, and if it turns out to be God's will for us, I see myself literally vomiting from the life changes this will create. Don't get me wrong, its not because I don't want this to happen, its just because its such a huge life-changing thing, it creates that fear of the unknown in the back of my mind. Its an exciting opportunity!

2. I got up and went running this morning. It felt pretty darn good actually! I went almost 4.7 miles and kept a decent pace for being less than a week out from my race. Actually, the pace was better than I expected. We've been having another warm-up in our area, so the morning run today was in the 40's. Pretty warm for 5am in the middle of November in Indiana. I was pleasantly surprised with how well the run went for me this morning.

3. ????????? I'm having a hard time coming up with a 3rd thing. OH, I know. This Saturday night is our anniversary date! Our 4th anniversary was actually November 4th, but we're going out this Saturday. Fogo de Chao. From what I've heard, I guess its kind of like a Brazilian steakhouse. Its definitely going to be delicious... And I'm sure it'll be one of those meals where I will eat until the brink of explosion. :)

Happy Thursday everyone! Hope to be a little more "in it" next week. :)


  1. lol - we're having to celebrate our anniversary a little late too. things have been crazy around here...i must have missed your race report. off to read it now!

  2. Can't wait to hear about the potentially HUGE changes. Praying your given a clear path to follow!