Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey Day!

As I sit here typing this, I am back in my pajamas, and I. Am. STUFFED. Its a rainy, dreary day, especially out of character for November, but not necessarily out of character for Indiana. We live in the state where we can get 3 inches of snow one day and be back in the 70's the next day.

This morning, I was able to go for a good run, 6.2 miles. It rained the entire time, but the temperature stayed in the 50's and there wasn't much wind. I made good time on my run too. The first 3.1 miles was for the Thankful Healthy Blogger Virtual 5k race - mentioned in my post HERE. The second half of my run was for the Virtual 5K Turkey Trot, through Daily Mile. All in all, despite the rain, it was a good run.

Will run for Chocolate - And all other holiday foods.

Today, I have reflected upon that which I'm thankful for. The first thing, my family. I have an amazing husband and son. Steve has been so supportive of me through thick and thin, any endeavors I attempt, my crazy moods, and my crazy situations that I seem to fall into. I couldn't have asked for a better husband and father of Ryder. I'm so thankful for my God, that I have the freedom to praise and worship Him. HE is actually the first and foremost thing that I am thankful for. I have been incredibly blessed in my life, in many ways, and I have only God to thank for that. I could really go on and on about everything which I'm thankful for, but I will leave it at that: a merciful, loving, grace-giving God, and my husband and beautiful baby boy.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Just sayin'... That's all.

Two random things on my mind today:

1. My run this morning SUCKED. I'm blaming it on the 1 hour and 20 minute spinning class I participated in yesterday. Both my brain and my legs wanted to be elsewhere.

2. I'm so excited for Thanksgiving... I'm considering starting a pre-Thanksgiving Day fast today. Sure! Lets drop a few extra L-B-S before the big T-Day feast. (If only I were that disciplined. I'm ready for my lunchtime sweet potato...)

Just sayin'.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Check it out!

Another Virtual 5k race for Thanksgiving, this one benefiting St. Jude Children's Hospital! You don't even have to have a DailyMile account to join...

7am and 65 degrees.

Wow, I look at my phone this morning when I hear my baby waking up, and it says 64 degrees... and that was at 6:15! Its now 7:10am and 65. If I had known it was going to be like this this morning, I would have planned on getting up and running before Hubs left for work today.

Its probably for the best though, that I don't run today. I'm planning on going to the 9:15 spinning class this morning for my workout. My knee is giving me fits, and I'm pretty sure I'll be going to see the sports med doc here soon. Granted, it probably won't be until next Monday, if not the Monday after that. It doesn't hurt while I run, so I can at least pretend that nothing is wrong during my runs. I'd been saying that I couldn't really feel any pain in any particular spot of my knee, just that it felt swollen (although didn't look swollen). Now, I'm starting to pin-point that pain to the back of my knee. At least I know where to ice it now. Its Thanksgiving week and I need to keep up my game, for my weight's sake. So, I'll just be running in the mornings and icing my knee through the day. How's that for stubborn?

Have a grand day everyone! I know its Monday - BUT its Monday of Thanksgiving day! Short week!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Dear Husband - All I want for Christmas is a treadmill.

It.Was.C-O-L-D. Holy moly, was it cold this morning! My alarm went off at 4:30am today. I checked the weather on my phone when I woke up and it said 25 degrees. Luckily, there wasn't really any wind. I briefly considered staying in my warm bed and using the weather as an excuse for not running, but decided against it. I remembered that we were having Chinese tonight for dinner. I remembered that Thanksgiving is less than a week away. And then I remembered that I ran in similar temperatures for my half marathon that was just 2 weeks ago. If I could run 13.1 miles in 20-degree temps, I could surely bust out a few miles in the same coldness today. Yup, I had no excuse. So, I crawled my booty out of bed, got dressed, and actually made it out the door in good time.

It was so cold that as I was just getting started and starting my gps app on my phone, the music I was listening to actually skipped a few times until I got it into my pocket, closer to some warmth. It then did the same thing at the end of my run when I pulled the phone out of my pocket to end the workout on my gps app. Yup, it was THAT cold. I checked the temperature when I got home... 26. At least now I know that I'm capable of running in weather that's so cold, which will hopefully keep me motivated to keep running through the winter.

During my run today, I did some thinking... I kept thinking, "I want a treadmill, I want a treadmill." So, my Christmas wish-list may be changing up a little. I doubt I'll get one, since we don't exactly have the room, but it is something that I'm willing to give up my car space in the garage to fit in.

On a separate, but semi-related note... I've been planning to go for a good run on Thanksgiving day. Our local Drumstick Dash is the only run of its kind going on on T-day, and its an hour each way to drive there. Unfortunately, the timing of this race as well as its location does not mesh well with our family's dinner plans. I've been hoping for a Virtual T-day race, and FINALLY found one, thanks to a fellow blogger, Tonia from Racing With Babes. Its a virtual 5k, from A Journey to Thin...

Blogger 5K

So, I've finally found something to motivate me that day, instead of just 'going for a run'. Yay! Feel free to check it out and participate yourself!

I'm also participating in the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge, at Run to the Finish. This will be fun too... I'm loving all these opportunities to keep myself accountable over the holiday season! The button for this challenge is over in the sidebar...

Happy Friday!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday has come upon us once again...

So glad its Thursday... that means tomorrow is Friday. And Friday means dinner with my brother and sis-in-law and nephew, all recently moved to Indy from Florida. Dinner will be consisting of either Chinese or Mexican food, but most likely Chinese. Yayy for cheat meals! Here are just a few things from my life lately...

1. I took a couple days off from running, not completely on purpose. It was more along the lines of my snooze button taking precedence over the morning routine. But I finally got my butt out of bed this morning and made it out for a 4.6 mile run. During this run, I decided that I am going to do my best to get a run in every day between now and next weekend. I'm hoping to offset the large quantities of calories that will be consumed on Thanksgiving day by really taking hard to my running and eating super clean for the next week. We'll see how well the eating part of that works out. My plan is to make my AM pre-work runs right around 4-5 miles (same route as this morning), or 2-3 miles if I do my 30-Day Shred DVD that morning. Saturday and Sunday, I'm hoping to get in closer to 6 miles. Keep tracking me on Daily Mile to see if I make it! (BTW, feel free to look me up on DM and 'friend' me... I like motivation.)

2. As far as that potentially HUGE change we may be looking at... we're still waiting. I'm starting to get antsy. We're still praying, and waiting for God to lead us in the right direction. And of course, all of this waiting and praying (and thinking and analyzing and critiquing) has mentally drained me. I.Am.Exhausted...Constantly.

3. I'm pretty excited about my cheat meal coming up tomorrow night with the brother and sis-in-law. I've been craving some Chinese lately, so it will be wonderful if that's what we decide on. I do my best to eat cleanly through the week, and then I cut myself some slack on the weekends. I'm trying to cut myself a little less slack this weekend with Thanksgiving coming up. But, as I read on Tonia with Racing With Babes' blog post HERE, I like to "Eat to run. Run to eat". This has always been my mentality, it only was just put into actual words when I read Tonia'saforementioned blog post about the fortune that she got in her fortune cookie.

Happy Three Things Thursday all!

The T-day countdown is on: 7 days!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday

I walked into daycare after work yesterday to find Ryder asleep... in his bouncer.

How could I have NOT taken a picture??

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Three Things...

1. In case you couldn't tell from my lack of enthusiasm over my awesome time from the half marathon this past weekend, I'm fairly unenthusiastic right now. I am mentally and emotionally drained. To put it in a nutshell, we have things going on here at home that could possibly turn into a HUGE change. Hubs and I have been praying over this non-stop over the past 9 days now, just waiting for God's direction. Because of all of this, I've also spent just about every other waking moment through the day (those moments where I'm not currently praying) mulling over this whole situation. Analyzing it, weighing pros and cons, coming up with solutions to possible ways this could affect those around us, etc. I have seriously become so overwhelmed at times that its made me sick to my stomach. And if this all pans out, and if it turns out to be God's will for us, I see myself literally vomiting from the life changes this will create. Don't get me wrong, its not because I don't want this to happen, its just because its such a huge life-changing thing, it creates that fear of the unknown in the back of my mind. Its an exciting opportunity!

2. I got up and went running this morning. It felt pretty darn good actually! I went almost 4.7 miles and kept a decent pace for being less than a week out from my race. Actually, the pace was better than I expected. We've been having another warm-up in our area, so the morning run today was in the 40's. Pretty warm for 5am in the middle of November in Indiana. I was pleasantly surprised with how well the run went for me this morning.

3. ????????? I'm having a hard time coming up with a 3rd thing. OH, I know. This Saturday night is our anniversary date! Our 4th anniversary was actually November 4th, but we're going out this Saturday. Fogo de Chao. From what I've heard, I guess its kind of like a Brazilian steakhouse. Its definitely going to be delicious... And I'm sure it'll be one of those meals where I will eat until the brink of explosion. :)

Happy Thursday everyone! Hope to be a little more "in it" next week. :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Well, dang, its been awhile.

Yup, its been awhile... lots going on, lots of stuff possibly changing.

Since my last post...

I ran the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon this past Saturday... the HALF Marathon. We'll just get that part straight now. Haha. Anyway, this race seemed to kick my butt a little harder than the one I did 3 weeks ago. I definitely felt a presence of THE WALL around mile 7 and pushed really hard to get through it. The course was flatter than my prior race, but still it seemed so much harder. I think the fact that it started out in the 20's that morning may have played into it. It was in the 20's when the race kicked off at 8am, and I'm pretty sure it was only in the mid to lower 30's by the time I finished. I froze my TOOKUS off. I remember looking at my shoulders and noticing frost forming on my top. Yup, it was THAT COLD.

The highlights of the race, besides having my wonderful husband, his parents and heavily bundled-up baby Ryder there with me, were the signs. Here are my faves that I saw...

"Run fast, we're cold!"
"U R A Running Freak!!"
"Chuck Norris never ran a marathon!" (I'd like to think that he never ran a half marathon either.)
"If Palin can run, so can you!"

Evidently there were at least a couple other Bethany's running the race too, because I saw some signs cheering Bethany on, and they weren't being held by people I knew. So, I just pretended they were for me.

Aside from it being FREEZING, the weather wasn't all that bad. No precipitation, and I don't remember the wind being especially tortuous. The post-race goodies were AWESOME... I was going through the line and there were doughnuts, bagels, etc from Panera Bread, cookies from some local cookie company, granola bars, bananas and peanut butter, chocolate Milk Chugs, and there was even a tent with Steak N Shake chili! After stuffing my face of the other yummy goodies, I chose to not have any SNS chili... Instead, we all went to Five Guys for lunch afterwards. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I consumed enough calories to more than compensate for the calories burned during the race (and that includes calories burned from shivering!). But it was all so yummy.

My only complaint about the race was with their timing. They used the IPICO chip timing, which was fine. But it turned out that there was a timing error in one of the mats, causing the time given to us in the results tents to be off by a minute (which was not known at the time). So, instead of my official time being 2:08:21 with a 9:48 pace, as was given to me in the tent, my real time was more like 2:09:19. Only a minute, but I was kind of bummed to see that my pace was 9:53 instead of 9:48. I know, I'm kind of neurotic like that.

Other than that timing snafu, it was an awesome race. I'll most likely do it again next year.

I'll be leaving this post at that, finishing up the race report, albeit brief. Happy Tuesday...