Thursday, October 7, 2010

Three Things Thursday

Not much to say as an intro to this post, so I'll just dive right in...

1. Call it the Taper Madness. I've got just 9 days until my half marathon. I CANNOT WAIT!!! I am so excited for it! I'm sure that excitement will soon turn to dread as the day creeps closer. Just like what I read in Marathoning for Mortals (by Jenny Hadfield and John Bingham), I'm exhibiting all the classic signs... a need to shop, buy new running clothes, and I may be just a tid bit snippy. Yes, just a tid bit. Another thing that I'm sure will change as the day gets closer. I've been browsing online stores that offer running clothes... not the fitness, tech-tee type stuff, the "runner girl" and other cute, stylish running clothes. Okay, I lie. I've been checking it all out. I do know that I need to buy a better hat for those cool mornings, and possibly a new sports bra (same brand and style, just smaller size... darn you, nursing boobs!!).

2. Steve and I are taking Ryder to the apple orchard this weekend for its annual apple festival. I can't wait! We're going to pick out a few pumpkins (from all of which I'm going to collect and roast the seeds), take a hayride, possibly do the corn maze, and of course, get a pork burger and a carmel or candy apple, and any other fall yummies I can get my hands on. AND, my brother and soon-to-be sis-in-law moved up to us from Florida last weekend with my 3-year old nephew, so they will be joining us, along with our other brother and sis-in-law. Its going to be great fun!

3. Did I mention that I'm just slightly excited for my half marathon coming up? I went into my RunKeeper app on my iphone and wrote down all my long-run distances and average pace times, in hopes that I could figure out a goal race pace for each half of the race. Instead of coming up with a good formula to go by, I'm now just overwhelmed by numbers. Does anyone out there have any suggestions or advice as to how to plan for a goal race pace, based off of long run paces?

And a Freebie #4... I hope to get some pictures up here eventually! Its hard to find the time to blog at home, let alone add in pictures. I have this awesome one of me and my sister after our first run together, and her first run, that I'd like to use.

Oh, Freebie #5... I'm just full of them today, aren't I? Anyway, my sister mentioned in her last post something about possibly pushing her in a wheelchair during the Princess Half... Ann, I will do whatever I can to make sure you finish the race, not barring wheelchair-pushing! I know you'll be able to do this!!

Happy Thursday everyone... lets let the Friday Festivities commence already! This week has been long enough!

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  1. There are online calculators that you can put your times into to give you an estimated finish time (if all goes like your training runs). Often when you are training you already have a "race pace" figured and your training works off of that pace. If you didn't set a pace that you wanted to "shoot" for then a pace predictor is probably what you want 9 days till your race.
    No matter what. Have fun. Enjoy the distance. Enjoy the other runners. Remember you should LIKE what your doing. (I'm not big on running until you feel like barfing!)

    Oh and nursing boobs. Tell me about! Are they big or are they small. It's all up to the time of day! And LBMs appetite!