Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tapering down...

My half marathon is in exactly 11 days. I feel great and confident about running it. Sunday was my long run, in which I ran 8.28 miles, and I maintained a sub-10:30 pace. Yesterday was a little different. Technically, because I moved my long run to Sunday due to working a night shift, yesterday should have been a rest day. Or, if I went back to my normal training schedule, I would have been due for a 40-minute training run. I did neither of those.

Yesterday, my run was more for stress release than it was for training. Yesterday, I was dealing with the stress and fatigue associated with Ryder not sleeping so great the past few nights. Sunday night/Monday morning was the 2nd night in a row of him screaming any time we put him back in his crib and neither Steve nor myself sleeping well. At all. So, after going to the doctor with Ryder, and her telling me that he's fine (the nurse I spoke to on the phone suggested possibly the start of an ear infection), I was rather emotional. I decided to go for my run, and left not knowing how far I would go. When Steve asked how far/where I was running, I told him California.

I started with one route in mind, and ended up extending it by running to one county road farther and back, so an extra 2 miles. That was about as much as I knew about my run. When it was all said and done, I hit exactly 7 miles when I got home, and my pace was pleasantly surprising: 9:55! In spite of it being the day after a long run, I felt really good during the run. My legs felt great. It was one of those guarded feelings... I knew the run felt good, but it almost felt too good. You probably know what I'm talking about... It felt so good that I was questioning my pace, thinking that maybe I was going much slower than normal, and maybe that's why I was feeling so good. I restrained myself and managed to not look at the gps app until I got home.

So, the run kind of helped balance me out. Although I think I still would have enjoyed running to California. I needed that mental and emotional escape yesterday. In fact, due to unrelated circumstances, I could use that same escape today. And today, I probably would try for California. Or at least Illinois. Maybe Ohio. Just someplace away from here. The weekend was stressful and exhausting between working a night shift and then having a baby who refused to sleep at night. Now that its the week, I'm stressing for totally different reasons. If I weren't in taper mode, I'd totally go for a 7-10 mile run tonight.

Darn you, taper week!!

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  1. congrats on a great run. :) those victories are helpful. can't wait to read about your half!