Wednesday, October 13, 2010

T - 3 days and counting...

I've got just three days left until my race on Saturday. And I'm really starting to get kind of nervous. My pre-race jitters are literally giving me the jitters.

Today at work, I was getting my 2nd meal of the day ready. Scrambled egg whites with salsa and some raw red, orange and red pepper slices. I foolishly attempt to get out both containers of food, my spritzer dressing for the peppers, AND the *glass* jar of salsa out of the fridge at the same time. I stumble somewhere in this process and manage to get into this slow-motion dance with the salsa jar, trying desperately not to drop it (especially since it was a glass jar). In the end of this little 10-second dance, I drop it. IT. DOES. NOT. BREAK. Phew!! Catastrophe averted. So, I proceed to warm up my eggs, and while they are in the microwave, turn to put my tupperware container of peppers on the table. The container only makes it halfway onto the table and then proceeds to tip over onto the chair. CRAP. My co-worker: "well, the chair at least should be fairly clean, compared to the floor." My response: "Yeah, except for everyone's ASSES who have been sitting on it." So, the peppers are gone. No veggies (read: filling fiber) for me this afternoon, as I used the veggies that were for this afternoon's meal instead. I considered eating a cookie to make up for the veggies, but decided against it. I'll be good on my diet this week. Or today, at least.

This week, I suddenly realized that my last 10+ mile run was almost 3 weeks ago. And now I find myself wondering how I'll complete 13.1?? My brain knows the logic behind it and that I'll be fine for the race. But the rest of me is uneasy. Its the Taper Madness, I tell you. But that's just one extreme of what I'm thinking...

Here's the other extreme... (going totally in the opposite direction of uneasiness about completing 13.1 miles)

I've set a goal for myself of 2:20, give or take a few minutes. That gives me an average pace that I need to attain of just under 10:42 min/mile. Then, today as I was checking out the 15th Annual Indianapolis Marathon and Half Marathon's website for the third thousandth time, I saw that the half marathon will have a 2:15 pace group. That is just outside my goal. That margin of difference seems so small that I could potentially run with that group. That would put me at a pace of 10:20 min/mile instead of 10:42. Doable? I think so. Overly ambitious? Quite possibly.

Looking back at my longer runs on my RunKeeper App, I've noticed that my pace is very inconsistent at times. It'll jump between 9:00 and 12:00 min/mile from minute to minute (this app tracks your pace each minute, so you see how consistent your overall pace is). So, maybe a pace group would be good for me, and would help me with consistency. Logically thinking, it seems that a consistent pace would allow me to preserve the precious energy stores needed to complete this distance. But I have to look at it realistically also, knowing that I may not be able to maintain a 10:20 pace for 13.1 miles. Again, I wonder how much more possible it would be for me, should I run with a pace group, going at a consistent pace. Either way, I figure I could always start out with the pace group, and since my goal finish time is so close to the pace group time, I could always allow myself to fall away if I need to. The thing with the pace group is that they start out and stay at that pace time. They don't start slower, so they can finish stronger, so to speak. I would prefer the option to start out at a slower pace and then gradually increase my speed. So, in that scenario, I could start off near the pace group, know that I'll be going a bit slower, and then work my way to catching up to them. That seems like a very realistic possibility/option.

So, what are your thoughts on pace groups? Especially when one is just outside of your goal finish time? Give it a shot and give yourself permission to fall away if you need to? Start out slower with the intention of catching up with them? Or just go your own expected pace the whole way? Its especially tricky for me since I know, from looking at my long run stats, that I am capable of running a 9-10 minute pace for long stretches, but my overall pace jumps around from minute to minute. Tricky, tricky.

Anyone else racing this weekend? Good luck to all!

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  1. my half didn't have a pace group so i don't know what to tell you. you'll do great though. :)