Thursday, September 16, 2010

Three Things Thursday

I'm really kind of irritated that today is Thursday. Only for the fact that Thursday is that little "teaser" to Friday. You wake up, knowing you're approaching the end of the week, but you're not quite there. I guess there's always these Three Things Thursdays to look forward to.

1. Where, oh where is my dear sissy-poo? She needs to get us all updated on how she's doing! I'm pretty sure she's got her first 5K coming up in a few weeks.

2. I ran my furthest distance last Saturday, 10.25 miles! And I managed to keep a pace of around 11:37 min/mile. The run felt pretty good and I had GU for the first time too. I had a good pre-run meal and felt like I kept myself properly fueled throughout the run. A yummy chocolate chip bagel (well, half of one, anyways) with some crunchy peanut butter and some scrambled egg whites. I ordered one of those sampler boxes of GU products awhile back, so I had a Jet Blackberry GU during my run, and then had a package of Strawberry Chomps with me as well. Both were really good! I really really liked the Jet Blackberry GU. I highly recommend it. I plan on ordering more of that flavor, along with the Strawberry Chomps too. They were like extra large strawberry gummy bears. I was also pleasantly surprised with the immediate change I noticed in how my legs felt as I ran, after consuming the GU. The stuff works great!

3. And, finally, a bigger deal... I have, against my better judgement, decided to run two half-marathons that are three weeks apart. I really think I can do it. October 16th and November 6th (2 days after my 4th wedding anniversary). In my training plan, my long run is 10 miles and its 3 weeks before the race. Soooo, it just so happens to work out that I can make my "long run" happen on the first half marathon, repeat the two cutback weeks in between the two HM's, and then run the 2nd race. Doable, right? I think I may shoot for 11 miles this Saturday... Partially because I want to, but also because I want to justify using up more GU's to try the different flavors.

That's it for today... I'm doing a 50 minute training run along with some stride drills tonight. We'll see how it goes... My Thursday evening training runs have seemed slower/harder here the last few weeks. Not gonna complain if it helps my Saturday run.

Have a great Thursday!


  1. I agree! We need to hear from your sister--I need 5K motivation!

  2. Your half marathons are completely do-able! Yeah for fall racing.