Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The power within you is greater than the challenge before you.

While I don't live in South Carolina, like Ann does, and don't deal with hills as much during my runs, there are a couple killer hills that I deal with. One in particular being behind our local park. This hill is of a pretty decent grade, and is one of those hills that seems to go on forever. The grade even changes within the hill, sometimes going steeper and sometimes not as steep. I'm sure if Ann were to run this hill, it'd probably be a cake walk for her. But, I digress. My routes lately have taken me down this hill, through the park, and then back up the hill. I know its good training, but this hill just sucks.

Recently, a friend on facebook had her little "status shuffle" app thing going, and her status was something similar to the title of this post. I just adapted it to fit my needs. So, it has become my running mantra. When I'm about to tackle the aforementioned hill, I repeat it several times, even outloud. The power within you is greater than the challenge before you. The power within you is greater than the challenge before you... I just repeat it to my winded self several times as I get over this hill.

Not only does this phrase get me through said hill, its gotten me through my runs. Especially my long runs. Sometime during the first 25-50% of my long runs, I'm usually questioning myself, if I can even complete this run. Once I start repeating my mantra, I start forgetting about my self-doubting and focusing on the task in front of me. I remind myself that my legs feel good, my lungs feel good, and so I should just keep going.

What phrases do you use to get you through a run?


  1. Hummmm, let me think. I don't know maybe, just maybe..."It's just one foot in front of the other!" heeheehee

  2. i think you would really enjoy john bingham's "the courage to start." check it out, it may help you in rough times!