Friday, September 17, 2010

Not-So-Fitness Friday

Ughhhhhh. That's all I have to say about this morning. My training plan called for 30 minutes of cross training. I figured I'd get up early and do a pilates/yoga dvd that I have. I did manage to get up early. 4:30am to be exact. Got the dvd started. Well, I must have just woken up on the wrong side of the bed because the warm-up was irritating the crap out of me. I thought I remembered this dvd being a bit faster of a flow. The flow of it was just so stinking slow. I tried fast forwarding through some of the warm-up, thinking it would get faster. Then I skipped over to the main workout. It was all so slow that I just got mad and turned it off. CARDIO. I thought, I need cardio. If the slow workout was too slow, then maybe I need something faster. So, I'll do cardio!

Now, I know my workout dvd collection and so I have a good idea of which dvd's are good for what type of workout I'm needing that day. So, I decided to bust out my... wait for it... TAEBO dvd. You remember, taebo... from the 90's, led by Billy Blanks, who might as well be wearing MC Hammer pants, leading you through all these intense I-thought-these-were-more-intense kickboxing moves. So, yeah. Once again, I found myself highly irritated and shut it off.

What I really wanted to do was go for a run. But, alas, it was 5:15am. Steve had left early for work, and Ryder was still asleep. Theoretically, I could have woken Ryder up early to feed him, loaded him up into the jogging stroller, and headed out for a quick 20-minute run. I could have. But honestly, I didn't feel all that comfortable running outside with my baby in a stroller before the sun was even thinking about rising. Nor was I comfortable leaving Ryder asleep in the house by himself. Had Steve been home, I would have headed out before the sun by now. I thought I could always just go for a run after work tonight, but tomorrow is my long run in the morning, and I don't really like doing back-to-back runs, especially when that 2nd run is my long run.

Normally I wouldn't be so concerned about getting my workout in, especially on a cross-training day, the day before my long run, and considering the plan only calls for 30 minutes. BUT, I made some cookies last night for a friend/co-worker who just had her 2nd baby. I volunteered to provide her family's dinner for tonight, so I made the dessert last night. My wonderful hubby is coming home early from work (which is why he went in early today) to make the main dish. Well, instead of me conquering the cookies without cheating on my diet, it conquered me. After filling all the cookie sheets, I had some left over dough that would have made probably 2 cookies. I wasn't going to put just 2 cookies on a sheet by themselves. So, I did what any rational person seriously burnt-out dieter would do - I ate the leftover dough. This means that today is damage control. More exercise, fewer carbs, lower fat. What does this mean? This means protein shakes for 3 of my 4 meals at work today. And my 5th meal (last meal) may end up being a protein shake as well. And as for my exercise? I'll definitely be walking over my 30-minute lunch period today, which is usually around 2ish miles, more if I'm really bookin' it. And, depending on what I do tonight (hubs is gone for the evening), after I drop off the dinner, I may just load the babe up into the stroller and head out for another speedy walk.

Happy Friday everyone. Happy Friday.

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  1. I still have a giant collection of VCR tapes (and DVDs) from my areobics days (yeah before they called it cardo)!

    Maybe you could run up and down the driveway or the road right in front of your house with a baby monitor in the window so you could see if he woke up??!? Depends what kind of area you live in, I guess.

    You asked on my post yesterday about double days. I usually run at least 4 double days a week. It's just how my schedule works at getting my miles in. And I have scaled back. I used to run 6+ in the a.m. and then 9+ in the p.m. on those days but now I am down to 3.5 a.m. and 6.5 p.m. most of my double days. If I used the treadmill for some speed work I'll run a bit longer (if the kids play nicely). I just love starting my day with a run and then after work I feel like I need some time to "leave" it on the road and get outside to enjoy nature. Doubles are not for everyone but I do think they help with avoiding injury. (20+ years of running and not one running related injury toenails aside. heehee)