Monday, September 6, 2010

Just another Manic Monday

Its the end of another 3-day weekend. Back to work tomorrow. Lots has happened this weekend...

First off, I did my long run on Saturday, and even though it was supposed to be a cutback week, it ended up being the complete opposite of that. I ended up going 9.25 miles! My legs felt great throughout the run. Its amazing how differently your body can react to a run on different days. My last run prior to Saturday was Thursday evening, and it was all I could do to get through that blasted 50 minute run + stride drills. But then Saturday rolled around, and halfway through my run, I felt like I could have gone on forever.

I've only had my heart rate monitor for a couple weeks now, but we're currently taking a break from each other. Yesterday, my rest day, I noticed some chaffing wounds from what I'm thinking is my monitor. I don't know if I'm wearing it wrong, but I don't think so. The way it sits, it sits right below the chest, so with our, ahem, anatomy, it seems like it ends up sitting underneath the sports bra. So, my theory is that the sensor that snaps on to the front of the strap rubbed me raw. I've got a couple wounds, and they're such that I feel like they should heal completely before I start slathering that area in Body Glide (which, by the way, I did buy today). Its frustrating, but oh well.

Even though it was supposed to be a cutback week, I'm glad I ended up going 9+ miles. It helped offset the cheat meal I had that evening. You remember that comment I made about rapidly approaching diet burn-out? Well, we ended up going out to Mellow Mushroom for pizza Saturday evening with our good friends. If you haven't tried Mellow Mushroom, I highly suggest you go there NOW. I personally recommend their pretzels (think big doughy, carbolicious breadsticks in the shape of a pretzel) and the Mighty Meaty pizza. Oh, and their spinach & artichoke dip was delicious too! So, I binged. I ate a ton of food. And I don't regret it either. It was the most delicious cheat meal I've ever had. My diet is paying for it now, but that's alright with me! In fact, I keep wondering when we'll get to go back.

I hope you all had a fabulous Labor Day weekend! Keep telling your friends/fellow bloggers about our blog... we want followers!

Oh, and lastly, I want to take this opportunity to just let my sister know how proud I am of her! As you read in her post from Saturday, she had a rough go of it, BUT she was able to point out exactly what was working against her during her run. I love that she didn't let one crappy run discourage her... She is one strong woman, and I know that she is capable of anything!! Love you, sis!!

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