Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bethany's Three Things Thursday

Its Thursday... that means tomorrow is FRIDAY! I've never been one to say TGIF really, mostly because Fridays are not my favorite day. For me, its more like TGISaturday!! I'm off on Saturdays, rarely have a set schedule for the day, so its my TGI-Day.

So, here goes nothing... my three things! (Plus a random 4th thing that I wanna throw in there.)

1. I love, love, LOVE my sister! I love that she's taking on this journey with me and that she's courageous enough to commit to running a half marathon with me. I'm so excited for February to get here and to do this race with her. She's an awesome mom of 3 kids, an awesome sister, and an awesome friend... and I'm sure her hubs would say she's a pretty awesome wife too. :)

2. This week is a cut-back week in my training for October's half. Last Saturday, I ran 8.5 miles (was supposed to be 7), and this Saturday I'm only supposed to run 4. I may shoot for 6. Its a happy compromise.

3. I've been on this carb-cycling diet for almost 8 weeks now. It doesn't have a name, other than just "carb cycling". This means I've been eating meals that consist of tilapia & rice, lean steak & rice, scrambled egg whites & oatmeal, protein shakes with oats, lean hamburger, lean chicken, turkey breast, with some almonds thrown in there and lots of non-starchy, low-carb veggies (read: broccoli, cauliflower). Its been a great diet and I'm down 17 lbs as of this week (5 lbs below my pre-pregnancy weight!), but I'm rapidly approaching burn-out mode. All I really want right now is a juicy, delicious bacon cheeseburger with grilled onions, mayo and lettuce from Five Guys, followed by a Gotta Have It ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery (Cookie Dough'nt Ya Want Some, made with Cake Batter ice cream, if you must know). I've only got about 4 weeks left on this diet, which is exciting and nerve-wracking for me all at once. I'm really nervous about going into maintenance mode. I'm sure I'll have a few days of indulgence (maybe just one meal each day), but beyond that, I hope to keep myself on track and keep this weight off.

4. I really hope a lot of people follow our blog! I'm so excited about doing this with my sister, and I hope we get a lot of followers. :) And, since we're both fairly new to the blogging world, we're happy to take any suggestions to post ideas (like Three Things Thursday, Wordless Wednesdays, and any other daily themes that bloggers use)...


  1. 5 lbs under per-preg weight! You deserve at least a few bites of the burger. Five Guys is a guilty pleasure, yummy!

  2. Omgosh, Five Guys is sooo delicious. Their fries are da' bomb! Hahaha... It's okay, we're going on a little double date with friends on Saturday an hitting up the Mellow Mushroom (read: AWESOME pizza). :) Oh, how I love cheat meals, haha...

  3. i had 5 guys for the first time this weekend.

    thanks for stopping by my blog and i'll definitely be hitting the "follow" button before i leave yours.

    RYC: its "just" a sprint, but ya gotta start somewhere!!

  4. "Just" a sprint tri is about as far as I'll probably end up going, whenever I do enter the tri-world. :)